Kenneth L. Mains



“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” 

Abraham Lincoln

World Renowned Cold Case Detective

“It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer.” 

Albert Einstein

"Kenneth Mains is an experienced and hard working detective.  He has vast of knowledge in criminal investigation, human behavior and forensic evidence. I had some excellent working experience with him." -  Dr. Henry Lee - World Renown Forensic Criminologist                        


"Ken Mains is an experienced investigator with a vision. His drive and devotion to solve 'cold cases' have no parallel. Without Ken, these crimes would continue to collect dust in file drawers. I consider Ken Mains one of the top detectives in this country. I am proud to know him." - Werner U. Spitz, MD, FCAP, World Renown Forensic Pathologist


" Ken Mains is a professional investigator with a stellar reputation and is motivated by the best possible reason: he wants to give a voice to all the tragic souls who have been silenced. Ken has established relationships with the top professionals in many fields related to criminal investigations and utilizes their knowledge in his work. I cannot think of a better choice for cold case investigations." - Lt. Joe Kenda (ret) -  Legendary Homicide Detective from Investigative Discovery's Hit Television Show 'Homicide Hunter'.


“ The investigation, analysis, and resolution of cold cases in real life is more complex and challenging than what is portrayed in the world of fiction.  Experience, dedication, perseverance, and keen intellect are necessary for successful outcomes.  Kenneth Mains possesses all these qualities and utilizes his acquired skill to help bring closure and comfort to puzzled agencies and grieving families." - Dr. Cyril Wecht - World Renown Forensic Pathologist


Kenneth is an experienced investigator and trusted friend and colleague. His organizational skills and ability to gather a team of national experts in all fields related to Violent and Sexual Crimes is phenomenal. I have a tremendous amount of respect for his investigative insights and his integrity as an honest and hardworking professional." — Jim Clemente Former FBI Senior Criminal Profiler and Writer for TV Show 'Criminal Minds'

"You have done an amazing job!! Just Amazing! I am proud to be affiliated with you and your work." -  Dr.Mary Ellen O’Toole - Former FBI Criminal Profiler who has helped capture, interview and understand some of the world’s most infamous people including The Green River Killer , The Unabomber  and The Zodiac Killer.

"Ken Mains has been the inspiration and driving force behind the founding of The American Investigative Society of Cold Cases, for which I, a psychiatrist, it has been both a pleasure and education to consult and teach in my area of forensic expertise. This is such a critically important field of criminal justice, police science, criminology and all forensic disciplines that it is hard to imagine AISOCC not having been there all the time. But, organizations like this emerge because of the energy, inspiration and organizing skills of experts like Ken Mains - willing to give so much of themselves while keeping their own egos all but invisible. I guess I just defined true leadership." — John Liebert, MD CM  - Consultant for Serial Killers Ted Bundy and The Atlanta Child Murders

"Det. Mains has worked tirelessly to found the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases, a group which I am proud to be a member. Ken has spent countless hours reaching out to experts in various forensic and law enforcement related fields in order to gather some of the best and most varied experts and consultants of any organization. Ken is devoted to his work and has shown he has the ability to make the dream a reality in regards to AISOCC and to other endeavors he has put his creative mind to. I am so pleased to have met Ken and for him to have offered me the opportunity to help solve cold cases through AISOCC." — Suzanna Ryan, MS, D-ABC  -  CEO of Ryan Forensic DNA Consulting

"I've known Mr. Mains since we worked together at II Marine Expeditionary Force, Special Operations Training Group. Mr. Mains provided exemplary support for what was mostly classified training and operations for Marine Corps Special Operations forces. His integrity is beyond question. He always went above and beyond the call of duty. Mr. Mains proved to be highly intelligent, tough, resilient, and in top tier physical condition. I would trust him with my life. Without reservation, I recommend Mr. Mains for any position in any field of his choosing." — John Lynch  - Former USMC Special Forces 


Ken Mains is the absolute, hands down, most determined and driven MAN I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. If there is anyone on this planet I would trust a tragedy. unexplained or unsolved case to, it would be him. Ken is a talented and amazing person. - Matt Rickard  -  Police Detective

  • Class President Harrisburg Police Academy 2003
  • HACC Leadership Award
  • Police Officer of the Quarter 2005
  • Police Officer of the Quarter 2007
  • Police Officer of the Quarter 2008
  • Police Officer of the Year 2008
  • Lycoming County Narcotics Enforcement Award 2016
  • Gallantry Star Award for Acts of Distinguished Bravery