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World Renowned Cold Case Detective

Unsolved No More: A Cold Case Detective's Fight for Justice

As a law enforcement officer for over fifteen years, Detective Kenneth L. Mains has investigated thousands of cases. Although he has been called “a modern day success story”, it wasn’t without failure. This book will take you on a journey from a struggling kid who barely graduated High School to a teenager who joined the Marine Corps and finally to a man who put himself through college in order to accomplish his lifelong goal of being a Detective. Mains has held a distinguished career in law enforcement which has included working undercover with the FBI, solving cold cases, investigating the Mafia and later leading one of the greatest cold case organization ever assembled.​

Because of his innate ability to solve cases, Mains is routinely sought out by law enforcement and victims’ families to help solve cold cases. He will take you through some of his very own cold case investigations to give the reader an insight on how he solves cases by using the art of deduction. Through triumph and tragedy you will see that he has succeeded by staying focused on his goals regardless of the obstacles placed in front of him. Yet, this is a story about success as much as it is a cold case instructional by someone who has been referred to as “One of this Country’s Greatest Detectives”. He will show you how he has succeeded in law enforcement but more importantly he will show you how he has succeeded where it matters most…in life.